Rotary Type glass or PET Automatic bottle filling machine for mineral water, juice

Rotary Type Glass Or PET Automatic
  • Seller Liaoyang Zhonglian Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 1 Set/Sets Automatic bottle filling machine for mineral water, juice
  • FOB Price US $12000-90000 /Set

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Port: China sea port
Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per Year Automatic bottle filling machine for mineral water, juice
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,Automatic bottle filling machine for mineral water, juice

Product Description

Rotary Type glass or PET Automatic bottle filling machine for mineral water, juice

Product Description

1) Washing section:

* 3 in 1 PET or glass bottle washing filling capping machine is a rotary bottle washing machine, mainly used for beverage, water and other products, the use of new bottles. And then the bottle sent to the filling machine for product filling.

* PET bottle by the sub-bottle star wheel into the device by the clamp and flip the machine to hold the bottle to the bottle down, sterile water rinse after draining, automatically flip to the bottle up, Filling machine. The main structure of the equipment and the flushing medium contact parts and external * protective cover are high quality stainless steel; open gear drive.

* New stainless steel clamp, simple structure, easy to adjust; contact with the bottle area less effective to avoid the secondary pollution of the bottle

* The bottle is equipped with a water tray to recover the water

* When the bottle is washed, the amount of flushing is: 105ml / s (0.25MPa)

The following are the same as the "

2) Filling part:

Filling the part to fill the material into the wash bottle sent by the bottle.

Filling machine is my own design, filling the valve with independent intellectual property rights, the use of pressure filling the principle of negative pressure reflow.

* Filling valve with pressure filling negative pressure reflow way, filling fast and sensitive, filling the liquid surface high precision. There is no spring in the valve, the material is not in contact with the spring, which facilitates the internal cleaning of the valve. To ensure that the filling process to ensure that the filling temperature, filling the valve in the bottle or when the valve material in the micro-reflow state.

* Filling cylinder with full cylinder way to ensure the stability of the cylinder pressure.

* The machine has a perfect CIP cleaning interface.

* Double guide rod to enhance the structure, so that the bottle to enhance and stabilize.

* The main drive adopts gear drive that is open combination drive, its high efficiency, low noise, long life, easy maintenance, lubrication full, * using the inverter on the machine to control the main motor speed, the machine uses variable frequency control.

* Guide bottle system, simple structure, according to the bottle type for quick and easy changes, the whole machine using the bottleneck conveyor structure.

* Machine PLC automatic control, fault online display, such as blocking the bottle, missing and so on.

* The key components and electrical components of this machine are imported products. MITSUBISHI, OMRON, SCHNEIDER imported components

3) Screw cap part:

* The screw cap will be screwed onto the bottle of the product that has been filled with the lid and the conveyor chain is sent to the rear process.

* The cap is driven by the reducer to rotate the turntable. So that the cover from the role of centrifugal force from the mouth to leave the hopper. At the exit there is a positive and negative cover separation device, when the anti-cover through, the lid automatically fall into the return pipe, through the wind automatically turn the cover into the hopper. Only the positive cover can smoothly into the slide, the hopper within the lid through the photoelectric switch automatically detect the control of the cover machine to ensure that the next cover to achieve the best results. When the front cover into the slide after the smooth access to the feed plate, in order to prevent accidents, in the slide on the same time equipped with a anti-cover dial, to ensure that the cover into the feed cover is correct, the slide is also equipped with a pair Photoelectric switch, when the detection of no cover, immediately stop the host. In order to effectively remove the bad cover without anti-theft ring and clean the hopper when the cover, in the hopper outlet is an active outlet to meet this function.

* Screw cap for the magnetic screw cap, with overload protection, and screw cap torque stable and reliable. Cover no bite cover, high cover, crooked cover, curling phenomenon.Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Rated capacity

1) 300-500ML:8,000B/H 2) 1000ML:4,000B/H 3) 1500ML: 2,500B/H ; 4) 2000ML:2,000B/H

Filling Liquid

Pure water, mineral water, spring water, non-gas wine drink and so on

Bottle shape

Circular or square

Bottle max. size

Max. φ 50-90, Max Height 150-310mm

Filling Type

Neck-hold conveyor , Gravity filling


Plastic Screw Cap, Sport Cap, Crown Cap and so on.

Filling Temperature

Room Temperature

Label Material

PVC Sleeve Shrink Label, Adhesive Label, OPP Label

Wrap Film Material


Conveyor Mode

Empty Bottle: Air Conveyor. Full Bottle:Conveyor Belt .

Factory Condition

Temperature:10~40℃. Humidity:no dew(≤95%)


According Customer ' s Factory Voltage Design.


> 9 5 %

1. Washing part 2. Filling part

3. Capping part 4. Pure water processing picture

Sample picture:

(PET bottle) (Glass bottle )

We can also supply you complete line:

We supply the followings machines for you

1) Water treatment equipment---RO purified equipment, UF purified equipment, Sand filter, Carbon filter, Water softner, Sea Water treatment.

2) Filling Machine---3 in 1 Washing filling capping---for your water,carbonated drink,juice,wine,vinegar, milk,tea and so on.

l 150 to 2000ml bottle, 3.5-10L,11- 20L bottle (3-6gallon bottle)

l PET bottle, Glass bottle, PP bottle and Can

l Screw cap, Aluminum cap, Grown cap and three (four) twist caps etc.

3) Labeling Machine---Stick label, Shrink sleeve label, Hot melt Opp labels. Wet glue label

4) Printer , Manual code printer , Inkjet printer , Laser printer

5) Packing Machine----Shrink film, Cartons packing machine

6) Bottle Blowing Machine--- for making plastic bottle

7) Injection Molding Machine---for your cap and preform.

8) Subsidiary products for drink production---Bottle Washer, Bottle Capper, Conveyor, Bottle Dryer, Bottle Warmer, Bottle Loading system, Bottle unscrambler, CIP system, Bottle Cooler, Bottle Sterilizer, Blending tank, Storage Tank, Sugar Melting Pot, Syrup Filter Conveyor and so on.

9) We will supply you bottle design, label design, workshop design and make turnkey project equipment for you.

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Skype: lilybest123

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Wechat/QQ: 973879289

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Liaoyang Zhonglian Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd. ,belongs to ZHONGLIAN international Group. We are the professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical equipment and food equipment, which including separating equipment, filling equipment, packing equipment, dryer and relevant complete set of production line equipment.

Group was founded in 2001, the headquarters is located in Liaoyang city, Liaoning province. The factory covers an area of ten thousand square meters, production workshop seven thousand square meters. The factory own a professional r&d team and after-sales service team. In the same industry take the lead through the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification, and get the certification of SGS, CE, GMP and so on.

At present, our products have been exported to the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea,Australia,Turkey,Japan,Thailand,Malaysia,Singapore,Indonesia,Canada,Kenya,Seychelles,Italy,Iran,Venezuela,Peru,India,Russia,Denmark,Spain,Finland,Greece,Colombia,and so on more than 30 countries. Our aim is saving your valuable time and cost, providing you with the workable solution!

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